About Us
What We Do

Blue Butterfly Collaborative uses the appeal, power, and impact of children’s media to advance international development aims. We support the execution of large-scale, evidence-based education projects in areas of need throughout the world. 

We believe international development works best when it is conceived and implemented by local partners working in-country.

We offer a full range of customized services for educational media projects, from curriculum development to production management.

Our Difference

Blue Butterfly's model for international development can be replicated in challenging situations around the world. Our innovative approach has several benefits for our partners, including:
  • Children's media expertise
  • Decades of experience in low- and middle-income countries
  • On-the-ground capacity building
  • Intellectual property retained in-country for long-term sustainability
  • Agile deployment of consulting services
  • Low administrative overhead
Our Name

The name Blue Butterfly is a play on Edward Lorenz’s “butterfly effect”—the theory that small events can be magnified in other places in surprising, unpredictable ways. Lorenz, a meteorologist, remarked that the flutter of a single butterfly in Brazil could cause a tornado in Texas.

At Blue Butterfly Collaborative, we believe that improvements in the lives of children in one locale can have surprising, unpredictable effects in other parts of the world. Our collaborative embraces the interconnectedness of the educational media community around the globe.