Blue Butterfly's Executive Director Charlotte Cole will present a webinar on using media for peace education on Thursday, October 15 at 6 am Eastern time. She will be joined by Brukty Tigabu, executive director of our partner in Ethiopia, Whiz Kids Workshop. 

The building blocks of peace education—living in harmony, accepting differences, conflict resolution—can be taught to young children, in much the same way as other curricular topics such as literacy, mathematics, and science. This webinar explores how educational media, including television, radio, mobile applications, and other digital platforms, are effective methods of peace education for young children. Led by two media educators—one with 20 years of experience developing international adaptations of Sesame Street, and the other a producer of an acclaimed television series in Ethiopia—the session will demonstrate a process for developing effective educational content to promote peace building. The presenters will also summarize research on the impact of these endeavors.