Our Services
Curriculum Development
We work with in-country teams to develop their skills for producing educational media. We can work with you to customize a training program related to:
  • curriculum development
  • script writing
  • educational messaging
  • research design and implementation
Blue Butterfly Collaborative is providing on-going training to assist Ethiopian-based Whiz Kids Workshop, for its Healthy WhizKids television program, which is funded by United States Agency for International Development. Healthy WhizKids aims to enhance children and parents' knowledge and positive attitudes towards a variety of healthy behaviors. The program's central character, a young female giraffe named Tsehai, has adventures that encourage healthy behavior by educating viewers on a healthy lifestyle. Children will be empowered with knowledge on specific topics like hygiene, nutrition, and accident prevention.

US-based Blue Butterfly Collaborative staff meets regularly  with WhizKids staff in Ethiopia via video conferencing and has also conducted in-person training when required.