Blue Butterfly Collaborative's Leaders
Charlotte Cole, EdD
Linda Hawkins Costigan
Patricia Préval
Carole Sassine
Suzanne Cole

Advisory Board
Patricia Préval
Patricia Préval
, Project & Strategic Development Manager for Lakou Kajou, supports operational planning, fundraising, public-private partnerships, and sustainability in Haiti. Prior to consulting for Blue Butterfly Collaborative, Préval contributed to a series of media efforts to advance awareness on policy and social issues touching the lives of the Haitian people. Her experience includes three years of collaboration with the Haitian government to establish best practices in public communication services; helping the development of free-of-charge mobile cinema programs made available throughout Haiti; advocacy initiatives for free speech in connection with emblematic abuse cases; and preparing audio and video contents and archives for the purpose of informal education. Préval holds a BA from McGill University (Montréal, Canada) in agricultural engineering.