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 Lakou Kajou (Haiti)   Tsehai Loves Learning (Ethiopia) 
Lakou Kajou 
is an innovative educational media program for young Haitian children and their families. The show features animated brother-sister twins Lili & Tilou, whose adventures in and around their family's lakou (courtyard) form the foundation for lessons in literacy, science, problem solving and other skills.

Designed and produced in Haiti by Muska Group with support from the
 W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Lakou Kajou promotes Kreyol literacy, numeracy, and other curricular skills in an engaging, uniquely Haitian context.

LAKOU KAJOU airs in Port-au-Prince on Télé Soleil and in selected other markets in Haiti. Follow the LAKOU KAJOU Facebook page for dates and times.

It also reaches children in more remote areas of Haiti through Blue Butterfly's partnerships with schools, libraries, and other community organizations. Children in seven of Haiti's ten departments (regions) are benefiting from Lakou Kajou.

Recent research reveals the show's impact. A study of 103 children in Deschepelles (a rural part of Haiti) found measurable gains in knowledge around the show's curricular areas, especially science and literacy.

Lakou Kajou

Blue Butterfly associates provided training and conducted research for the 
WhizKids Workshop  Healthy WhizKids program, which is funded by United States Agency for International Development. Healthy WhizKids aims to enhance children and parents' knowledge and positive attitudes towards a variety of healthy behaviors. The program's central character, a young female giraffe named Tsehai, has adventures that encourage healthy behavior by educating viewers on a healthy lifestyle. 

US-based Blue Butterfly Collaborative conducted training sessions that covered character development, script writing, educational messaging, and research design. Blue Butterfly also led a team of researchers who evaluated the program's educational effectiveness.