Blue Butterfly’s Lakou Kajou project keeps Haitian kids learning during civil unrest

Due to civil unrest, schools in Haiti have been closed since September. That means children have been out of school since last June. Blue Butterfly is keeping children engaged in educational activities through our educational media project, LAKOU KAJOU.

Businesses, schools, universities, and government offices are closed. People are not leaving their homes, both from fear of violence and because transportation is limited due to fuel shortages. The country is in crisis.

Imagine what it’s like for families whose children are unable to go to school. School leaders are saying that even if the crisis ends soon, schools will not be able to open until January at the earliest. Whatever is happening in the world around them, Haitian children continue to deserve a high-quality education. And when the crisis is over, education is a key to long-term change for Haiti’s future.

Lakou Kajou is a bridge to learning

Blue Butterfly’s innovative LAKOU KAJOU educational video series is bringing high-quality educational experiences to Haitian children, even during this crisis. Thanks to our loyal following on social media, we are reaching Haitian parents with messages that help them engage their children in educational activities. Twice per week we send messages to Haitian parents reminding them of ways they can keep their children learning, even when school is closed. Here are some of the tips:

  • Have your child practice writing his/her name. Name each letter.
  • How many letters are in his/her name? Count the letters.
  • Use a special notebook for practicing school things every day. You can start even if you don’t have a notebook.

Looking to the Future

Like everyone in Haiti, we hope this crisis will end soon. And we will be there when it does, continuing to deliver high-quality educational experiences like the LAKOU KAJOU videos, because we believe helping children reach their highest potential will bring positive change to Haiti for the long term.

Donate Now

Producing high-quality educational programming costs money. Your support—in any amount—will help us bring educational experiences to children in Haiti during the current crisis and beyond.