Le Nouvelliste, Haiti’s premier newspaper, covers Lakou Kaou

Le Nouvelliste covers Lakou Kajou

Check out this coverage of Lakou Kajou, Blue Butterfly’s innovative educational video series for young Haitian children, in Le Nouvelliste, Haiti’s premier newspaper.

Lakou Kajou is an educational video series in Creole for Haitian children and their families. Animated seven-year-old twins Lili and Tilou have adventures in and around their neighborhood that help children develop important skills in math, science, literacy, problem solving and more. The series is developed by a team of Haitian educators, artists, animators, and film professionals. Research on the program’s educational impact has found positive effects on children’s learning.

Lakou Kajou is produced by Blue Butterfly in collaboration with InnovEd (an educational institute at the Université Quisqueya) and Muska Group (a video production company based in Port-au-Prince). The program is supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, FOKAL and individual donors. Lakou Kajou’s offices are at Université Quisqueya.