Lakou Kajou—Educational videos for young Haitian children

Lakou Kajou—Educational videos for young Haitian children


Blue Butterfly’s inaugural series is LAKOU KAJOU, an innovative educational media program for young Haitian children.

Designed and produced in Haiti by Blue Butterfly’s video production partner Muska Group, LAKOU KAJOU features animated brother-sister twins Lili and Tilou, who encounter fun adventures in and around their family’s lakou (Haitian Kreyol for “courtyard”). These adventures form the foundation for teaching children the Kreyol literacy, mathematics, science, problem solving, and a host of other skills. Intermixed among the animated segments about Lili and Tilou, the program includes documentaries, music videos, and other content that present educational messages in a uniquely Haitian context.

Check out the LAKOU KAJOU Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Lakou Kajou–Lili & Tilou learn about the planets

Lakou Kajou–Touring the Citadelle Laferrière

Working with the Community

Blue Butterfly collaborates with the Université Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince to distribute the LAKOU KAJOU series to schools and community organizations around the country.

Thanks to this partnership, we reach children in remote areas of the country, even where electricity and internet access is limited.

Our Partners

LAKOU KAJOU is produced by Blue Butterfly in collaboration with our partners

InnovEd @ Université Quisqueya
Muska Group
Ayitikomik Studios
W. K. Kellogg Foundation