Who We Are

Our Mission

Inspired by Kids. Everywhere.

Blue Butterfly Collaborative’s mission is to inspire children around the world to reach their full potential.

We partner with producers in low- and middle-income countries to develop high-quality children’s media for education, health, and the promotion of respect and understanding across group divides.

We have direct experience producing educational media for children in challenging situations throughout the world.

Our Innovative Approach

Collaborative. Local. Bottom-up.

All children deserve high-quality educational opportunities to prepare them for the future. Well-designed and engaging media offer a compelling way to reach and teach large numbers of children in need. At Blue Butterfly we believe that scalable efforts to support the education of children in low- and middle-income countries work best when they involve collaboration among committed partners.

Our innovative model moves from the one-way approach of traditional international development (in which experts assist beneficiaries) to a multi-directional orientation in which professionals with diverse expertise work together to execute all facets of the production process.

Our Core Principles

Empowering children for a bright future

  • Locally Produced—All our content is produced locally, ensuring that it meets the needs of children in the local area.
  • Culturally Relevant—Children deserve educational materials that feature settings and characters they can relate to.
  • Educationally Rigorous—We place high standards on the educational value of our content.
  • Entertaining—We develop fun stories with engaging characters that appeal to children, because learning can be fun!
  • Mother-Tongue Language—Research shows that young children learn best in the language they speak at home.
  • Research-Driven—Our work stands on the foundation of a body of research showing the value of high-quality digital media for children’s learning, and we back up that foundation with rigorous research on the impact of our resources on our target audiences.
  • Freely & Widely Distributed—We work with partners on the ground to ensure that underserved children can benefit from our resources, regardless of their personal circumstances.